Roulet wins grant support for Global Spice Series

Assistant Professor of Percussion Patrick Roulet received a grant from the Larson Legacy Foundation to support his Global Spice concert series, which blends western and non-western musical traditions and explores the fusion of world Music with contemporary, classical, jazz, and popular music styles.

Specifically, the grant was earmarked for the support of the musical concert and residency of Ghanaian master xylophonist Aaron Bebe Sukura at Western Washington University. The performance was postponed due to difficulty obtaining a visa for Sukura. In his stead, Global Spice presented One World Dance and Drum representing musicians and dancers from Guinea. Roulet plans to feature Sakura in a later performance.

Dr. Roulet has long shown many creative ways to bring world music of all kinds to his students and the population at large.  We have witnessed first hand many of his concerts and were pleased to originally sponsor his trip to Ghana to study there. - Larson Legacy Foundation

Roulet came to WWU in 2014 to head up the percussion area in the Department of Music.