Revisions Announced at Facilities Development & Capital Budget (FDCB)

In order to better suit the strategic needs of the institution, streamline operations, and clarify roles in facilities, I am pleased to announce the following revisions to FDCB.

First, we are changing from Facilities Development & Capital Budget (FDCB) to Capital Planning and Development (CPD) to better describe the functions within the area and minimize confusion with Facilities Management. Capital Planning and Development is responsible for master planning, space planning (along with Space Administration & Management), project planning, campus aesthetics, capital budget, project programming, architectural and engineering services for in-house and public works projects, public works contracts (both consultant and construction), public works MWBE participation, public works bidding and construction administration, interior design and furniture selection, and project management.

Second, due to the COVID-19 impacts across the campus and State, we will not be replacing the positions previously held by Josh Kavulla (Associate Director) and Alexis Blue (Project Manager). However, we have reorganized to streamline operations and further integrate what was previously Facilities Development and Capital Budget.

We have promoted Brian Ross from Assistant Director to Associate Director recognizing his broadening responsibilities including not only Capital Budget, but also Public Works contracts, Public Works MWBE participation, in-house and small Public Works architectural and engineering services, and project management.

Additionally, we have expanded Alexis Blue’s role as Assistant Director from direct oversight of the Project Managers working on major Public Works projects to also including direct oversight of our On-Site Construction Reps. (Construction Coordinators).

We have expanded our role in master and space planning by dedicating part of Forest Payne’s time to leading efforts in those areas.

All of these organizational changes can be viewed at the new CPD website.

We strongly believe that these changes will allow for more efficient, expanded, and strategic services to the campus community as we move forward.


Rich Van Den Hul

WWU Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs