Requirements and Guidelines to Visit WWU’s Campus 

Beginning October 18, 2021, Western will be implementing new requirements for visitors to campus. This will require certain visitors to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result. All visitors must continue to wear a mask in buildings and in crowded outdoor areas. 

Casual Visitors 

As a public institution, Western has many visitors to campus on a daily basis. There are community members that enjoy walking through the campus. We are referring to this type of visitor as a “casual” visitor. The casual visitor is not someone who is spending extended time on campus or inside of buildings.  

There are no changes to what casual visitors must do to be on campus. Casual visitors do not need to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result in order to be on campus.  

Sponsored Visitors 

Our institution also hosts many formal visitors. These could include (but are not limited to) community members participating in campus events or programs and extended visits to individuals who live on campus. We are referring to these individuals as “sponsored” visitors. 

To “sponsor” a visitor, a university permanent employee will need to verify vaccination status or a negative test within 72 hours of the arrival of the sponsored visitor. There may be campus programs or activities that require full vaccination from non-WWU individuals in order to participate. It is important to note that those we pay for a service are considered contractors and have a different process to follow. 

The process for verifying vaccination status or a negative test should be dependent on the event or program. In every situation, the verification process should be clearly communicated to potential attendees prior to the event or program as well as having signage at the entrance to the program. Western’s COVID Support Team is available for consultation on the process to be used. 

Here are some examples of events and potential processes: 

  • Sports events: A permanent employee could be at the door checking a) COVID Clearance for students and b) vaccination cards (picture or physical copy) or a negative test within 72 hours for WWU employees and non-WWU attendees. 

  • Special events or programs: The WWU coordinator/sponsor for the event can develop a Microsoft Form where a vaccination card or a copy of a negative test can be submitted within 72 hours of the event and a guest list created. The forms would be deleted upon receipt and documentation that the individual is cleared to attend. 

  • Housing Visitors: Housing currently utilizes a MS Form as a request for non-WWU guests to visit residents. They could potentially create a centralized process for guests similar to this but also include an upload of a vaccine card or negative test within 72 hours. An email approval could be sent from housing to the resident on behalf of their guest. 

  • Dining Visitors: When a resident guests someone in, they can show the approval from housing, or if it is a WWU community member, they can show their COVID Pass. If this is a sponsored event utilizing dining, the program can be responsible for the management of verification of vaccination status/negative tests. 

  • On-campus Candidate Interviews: Similar to housing and special events, create a MS Form that allows an upload of a vaccination status or negative test within 72 hours. Once verified, delete the form. 

  • Family members visiting staff or faculty on campus: This should be cleared by your supervisor and vaccination status and or a negative test need to be verified. 

  • Sales Representatives: The company representing sales representatives should provide verification that their employee is vaccinated or has had a negative test within 72 hours. 

These are just a few examples of “sponsored” visitors to campus. Vaccination records and/or negative tests should not be held by a university employee. Once clearance is verified, the record submitted should be deleted.  

Lastly, there are non-WWU community members and constituents who come to campus to engage in protected speech and public assembly demonstrations, protests, voter registration, petitioning and other political activities. If these are held outside, no additional verification will be required. If these occur inside, they will need to be cleared as being vaccinated or having a negative test within 72 hours.