Repair on Humanities Building elevator completed earlier than expected, now fully operational

The elevator in the Humanities Building has been repaired and is back to being fully functional; the system suffered a full jack failure at the end of last June, and the repair was lengthy and involved. See below for a timeline of the repair.

6/28 – Elevator breaks down and is removed from service.

6/28-7/27 – Diagnostics completed, initial broken parts ordered with long lead time as they are outdated and difficult to find.

7/27-9/18 – Part did not restore the elevator function to safe operations and diagnostics determined that the elevator suffered a full jack failure.

9/18-10/19 – Repairs, design, and contracting complete.

10/19 – Jack system manufacturing process initiated, construction/repair phase begun.

2/8 – System back online; initial completion date was 2/28.