Reception for 'New Foundations' exhibit is Jan. 15

The Viking Union Gallery has opened its first exhibit for the quarter, "New Foundations." The exhibit displays work from four Western students currently pursuing their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

“[New Foundations] is about contemporary perspectives on architecture,” Viking Union Gallery Director Jean-louis Gazabat said. “Viewing space and the world around us through the eyes of a new generation of artists.”

The exhibit will be on display in the VU Gallery until Jan. 30. The opening reception is 6 p.m. Jan. 15.

Gazabat decides what exhibits will be displayed for the year. Each quarter holds three exhibits that are displayed for around three weeks.

With only nine total exhibitions to coordinate Gazabat focuses on featuring art that achieves the goals set for the year.

“One of our biggest goals for the gallery this year is to get a new audience into the space,” Gazabat said.

To achieve this goal Gazabat has been featuring new subject matter not previously displayed. Last quarter exhibited work challenging binary gender roles, industry art and an interactive exhibit allowing people to draw what they wanted on sheets lining the VU Gallery.

For Gazabat, New Foundations fits well into the mission of reaching a new audience, he said.