Ramadan Suhoor packs available at all dining halls through April 9

Dining at WWU is offering Suhoor packs to any guest observing Ramadan March 11, 2024 – April 9, 2024. If you would like more information on how to obtain a Suhoor pack, please visit one of the residential dining halls and speak with a member of our team for details. 

Arrangements for the complimentary Suhoor kits provided courtesy of The Centers for Student Access, Community and Intercultural Engagement and by Dining at WWU.

For questions related to meal plans, dining dollars, or eAccounts, please reach out to the Housing Business Office. For all issues related to Viking Dollars, email VikingDollars@wwu.edu.  

For all other issues related to dining, please contact Dining at WWU by texting (360) 230-6866