Professional Staff Organization gets new officers for 2013-14

Members of the Professional Staff Organization (PSO) at Western Washington University recently elected executive committee members for the coming school year. New officers are:

  • President – April Markiewicz
  • Secretary – Jon Junell
  • Enrollment and Student Services Representative #1 – Chris Miller
  • Enrollment and Student Services Representative #2 – Colin Watrin
  • President's Office/University Relations/University Advancement Representative – Fran Maas (re-elected)
  • At-Large Representative – Bruce Boyer (re-elected)


Existing officers who will continue to serve out their term include:

  • Vice-President - Pete Lockhart
  • Business and Financial Affairs Representative - Nancy Phillips
  • Academic Affairs Representative - Lois Longwood
  • Academic Affairs Representative - Dan Purdy
  • HR Ex Officio - Chyerl Wolfe-Lee

The mission of the Professional Staff Organization is to represent the interests of professional staff of Western by:

  • Promoting an active role for professional staff in university governance
  • Providing a voice in establishing university operating policies and procedures
  • Representing professional staff in policies pertaining to professional staff personal and professional welfare

 "Professional Staff" or "Pro Staff" are employees who provide leadership, management and/or program direction in collaboration with students, faculty and staff in pursuit of Western's mission and strategic goals. Professional staff are not executive officers or academic administrators and are excluded from the classified personnel system established by Washington state.

 A listserv is available for PSO information at