Photo Gallery: Spring has sprung on Western's campus

The long awaited sunny days and warmer temps have arrived, throwing off the musty cloak of another Pacific NW winter.

Photo gallery by WWU's Luke Hollister
Students lie on the edge of Fisher Fountain; the fountain is empty.
Friends chat near the Old Main lawn on a sunny spring day
A bearded, red-haired student balances on a slack line between two trees on campus.
Students sit on the "stairs to nowhere" sculpture on south campus on a sunny day.
A group of students sits, chatting and happy, on the steps near the Communications Lawn.
Men's soccer players practice on Harrington Field in the sun.
A closeup of a flowing purple rhododendron blossom.
Students sit on blankets on the Old Main lawn, reading and chatting.
The Old Main lawn is covered in blankets and relaxing students on a warm sunny spring day.
A group of four students sits in the grass, engaging in an animated conversation.
Cherry trees bloom as students walk through south campus.
A closeup of a cherry tree blossom.
Cherry trees blossom  as students walk under them on the way to class on a sunny spring day.