Sharon Shewmake

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With Wednesday vote numbers, recounts may be required in Whatcom legislative races

Western Washington University economics professor Sharon Shewmake, a Democrat, expanded her narrow lead over four-term Republican state Rep. Vincent Buys, by a margin of 50.6 percent to 49.4 percent.

Only 810 votes separated the two.

Many Professors Have to Report Sexual Misconduct. How Should They Tell Their Students That?

While Sharon Shewmake doesn’t have a statement in her syllabus about her obligation to report sexual misconduct, she said she thought doing so was a good idea, especially in courses whose students often talk and write about their experiences. Shewmake is an associate professor in the College of…

Democrats hoping support holds into general election with more diverse voters

Todd Donovan, a political science professor at Western Washington University and a member of the Whatcom County Council, said Democrats shouldn’t read too much into Tuesday’s results since Republicans didn’t have the same motivation to cast their ballots.

Seattle, give congestion pricing a test drive

SEATTLE would likely benefit from congestion pricing, which charges fees to drivers entering downtown areas at peak periods, especially if the city uses the revenues to fund public transportation. But before the city is asked to vote on any congestion-pricing plan,…

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