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WWU students begin survey on Whatcom Co. disaster prep

Western Washington University students are launching Whatcom County’s first-ever disaster awareness and preparedness survey this spring.

WWU, City, and County collaborate on first-ever Disaster Awareness and Preparedness Survey 2019-05-02
WWU completes flood risk study of Stanwood's lowlands

A yearlong multi-faceted project flood study is complete.

In a nutshell, it’s a city-university partnership in which upper level courses at Western Washington University use applied learning to help the city of Stanwood. The results also educate west Stanwood homeowners…

WWU Students Gain Professional Experience Alongside Emergency Personnel During ‘Cascadia Rising’ Exercise 2016-06-07
Is this booming Northwest land a paradise or disaster waiting to happen?

It was here before anyone made a map and called this corner of it the Pacific Northwest.

“To me,” said David McCloskey, waving an aging hand toward tidelands formed millenniums ago, “it’s an energy field.”

McCloskey, a retired sociology and ecology professor who has spent a…

Massive quake drill starts Tuesday - 7 things you should know

You’ve probably heard or read about the “really big one” — the monster earthquake off the Northwest coast that could kill more than 14,000 people and injure more than 20,000 in Washington and Oregon.

Well, the quake is going to hit Tuesday, June 7, but the exact time is a secret.

Mount Baker High School students to lead disaster prep workshop

A Mount Baker High School geology class aims to help the community prepare for Whatcom County’s most likely natural disasters with a workshop this weekend.

Juniors and seniors from science teacher David Lewis’ advanced geology class have prepared the workshop on hazard preparation. The…

Preparing for the next big earthquake

The next time the Cascadia fault along the West Coast unleashes a magnitude-9 earthquake, the dams in east Skagit County could fail, dozens of bridges and overpasses could collapse on major roadways, and utilities could shut down.

The region's earthquake risks have been known for…


ose your eyes and imagine this for a moment. You went to sleep last night like any other night.

You woke up this morning to find the worst natural disaster in U.S. history within driving distance of your back yard.

Death and destruction can be found everywhere on the west side of…

Planning ahead for massive earthquake in the Northwest

Rebekah Paci-Green, an earthquake-damage expert at Western Washington University, says emergency-response experts in the U.S. have worried most about two scenarios.

One was a major hurricane hitting New Orleans. Check that one off the list, although it could happen again.

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