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Even Though Tarsiers, One Of The Oldest Nocturnal Primates Alive Today, Were Discovered During The Eighteenth Century, Not Many People Know About The Existence Of This Tiny Creature

According to Myron Shekelle, a biology instructor and researcher at Western Washington University, this absence of the reflective layer in the tarsier’s eyes offers some insight into the evolution of primates.

He stated that tarsiers may have once been diurnal primates, which means they…

The tarsier is one weird primate, and yes, we're related

The tarsier is a small species of primate found living in the forests of Southeast Asia. There are 16 species of tarsiers, and they occupy the dense forests of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines. And about those weird features that have gotten them those nicknames: Maybe it's the…

Research Recap for March 5 2021-03-05
For Indonesia’s newest tarsier, a debut a quarter century in the making

Sulawesi’s biodiversity was little known then, and the notion that the tarsier from the Togean Islands might be a new species spurred a series of studies that looked at everything from the tarsier’s vocalizations to its DNA sequence.

Finally, in a …

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