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Boston researchers have compiled what may be the country’s first city-commissioned database of enslaved people

Jared Ross Hardesty, an associate history professor at Western Washington University who’s written about slavery in Boston, said the records can help decipher details of enslaved people’s everyday lives, and tell of the…

Peter Faneuil: Boston benefactor and slave trader

“Boston is built on the business of slavery, whether that’s slave trading or trading with the slave economies in the Caribbean,” added Jared Ross Hardesty, a history professor at Western Washington University.

Boston takes rare step of apologizing for its role in slavery and its lasting harm

About a quarter of all white Bostonians who had estate inventory taken between 1700 and 1775 owned enslaved people, according to Western Washington University history professor Jared Ross Hardesty, who is quoted in the resolution. At the peak of slavery in…

Old North Church, a beacon of freedom, grapples with its own ties to slavery

Nearly a decade ago, Boston’s Old North Church opened a Colonial-themed chocolate shop named for Captain Newark Jackson, a prominent early member of the historic church and a pillar of Boston’s lucrative chocolate trade with the British in the 1700s.

For years,…

Chocolate, smuggling, and slavery: A Q&A with WWU's Jared Hardesty about his new book, 'Mutiny on the Rising Sun'
Boston sheds more light on its relationship to slavery

The image of Northern cities like Boston as centers of abolitionist activity has overshadowed the history of their role in slavery,” said Jared Hardesty, an associate history professor at Western Washington University and…

Boston's Old North Church reckoning with its dark past

Through the research of Western Washington University Associate Professor of History Jared Hardesty, one of the iconic landmarks of the American Revolution, Boston's Old North Church of Paul Revere's "one if by land, two if by sea" fame, is coming to grips with a bleaker part of…

New Book by Western’s Jared Ross Hardesty Shines a Fresh Light on Slavery in New England
From Global Warming To Robots: 6 Local Public Talks From 2019 And Why They Matter

While it’s hard to pick our favorite lectures from among so many, here are six that introduce surprising perspectives and offer context to some of this year’s top news events.

1. Jared Hardesty On How New England Was Built By The Slave Trade

Old North Church, a cherished symbol, opens up about its link to slavery

That past includes a pact by Jackson and fellow parishioners George Ledain and Edward Tothill to smuggle slaves illegally from Barbados to Suriname, according to Jared Ross Hardesty, the former BC doctoral student who now teaches history at Western Washington University…

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