Fred Bassetti

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Fred Bassetti left architectural legacy at Western Washington University

You might not know Fred Bassetti by name, but there's a good chance you've seen, visited or spent time in one of the buildings he designed.

A well-known Seattle-based architect, Bassetti designed several buildings at Western Washington University from late 1950s to the early…

Design Perspectives: Bassetti’s sunny activism and imagination will be missed

What would Seattle be without Pike Place Market and Westlake Park?

We take them for granted but we shouldn’t. They are part of a far-reaching urban agenda that owes a lot to Fred Bassetti. He was a shaper of Seattle’s skyline as well as its civic and design culture.

Bassetti died…

Fred Bassetti, architect and shaper of Seattle: An appreciation

Fred Bassetti was central to the shaping of Seattle's skyline and self-image, a player in protecting the Pike Place Market ("an honest place in a phony time") from the ravages of urban redevelopment and the man responsible for distinctive quality architecture on college campuses…

Fred Bassetti designed much of Western's campus 2013-12-06
Fred Bassetti's legacy: Modernism that feels good to the human hand

In the early days of Seattle reform politics, starting in the late 1960s with the effort to save the Pike Place Market and toss out the greybeards of the City Council, Fred Bassetti was a key figure, along with his great architectural buddy, the late Ibsen Nelsen, and others such as Ralph…

Architect Fred Bassetti dies; he leaves indelible mark on Seattle

Fred Bassetti, one of Seattle’s most renowned architects, left his mark in the design of landmarks from the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building to the Seattle Aquarium and Pike Place Market.

Mr. Bassetti, who championed a Northwest contemporary architecture that…

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