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A Turning Point for Global Trade

International trade has shaped the world for much of the past century. Countries benefited from the global flow of goods, and the world became richer and safer. At the same time, many Americans lost their jobs to cheaper overseas competitors. Now, a series of compounding challenges, including…

Why This Global Economic Crisis Is Different

Column by Edward Alden, Ross Distinguished Visiting Professor at Western.

One of the remarkable things about the global economic order since World War II has been the flexibility of governments in responding to serious crises. From stagflation and the collapse of the Bretton Woods…

The West thought money could tame dictators. Has Putin proved it can’t?

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States and other Western powers have pursued a noble idea — that by tying themselves economically to their rivals, they might escape the dismal cycle of great-power conflicts. In that spirit, Germany encouraged gas and oil imports from Russia over the…

Putin’s War Could Save the Global Economic Order

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be seen as a catastrophe for the world economy. Surging oil and gas prices are feeding inflation that in many countries was already at the highest levels in four decades. Financial markets have plummeted, erasing trillions of dollars in wealth. Western…

The border closings have done enormous damage to Canada’s reputation at the worst possible time

If Canadians wanted to let a few truckers and their friends clog the streets of downtown Ottawa and blow horns in the name of free speech, that was their business. But the moment protesters blocked the U.S. border crossing at Coutts, Alta., on Jan. 29, the RCMP should have hauled them away and…

Why Gains for U.S. Workers Are Good for the World

For half a century, America’s wage problem has also been the world’s trade problem. Since the mid-1970s, the United States has stood out among rich countries for its …

As Canada border reopens to Americans, US restrictions leave many confused

Edward Alden, a professor of US-Canada relations at Western Washington University, hasn't seen much cooperation.

He says the US' decision to not reciprocate is just the latest example of just how tattered the once-amicable bond has become since March 2020: "It's typical with the way the…

Trump is reshaping U.S. trade policy, but not at the scale he long promised

“Even if you believe, as I do, that trade is part of the problem, renegotiating trade agreements isn’t really going to fix it,” said Edward Alden, author of “…

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