Norman praised for exemplifying the Western Way

Do you work with an outstanding colleague at Western Washington University? The Western Way program provides the opportunity for faculty and staff to recognize the great efforts of others on campus.

Any time throughout the year, folks in the WWU community can visit the Western Way website to recognize a Western employee who demonstrates excellence in serving students, visitors or colleagues, based on the characteristics that make them uniquely Western: inviting, engaging, distinctive, collaborative and adventurous.

Western Way honorees are recognized online on the Western Way Wall of Acknowledgment, in Western Today and in a slideshow at the Employee Recognition Ceremony in April.

Recently recognized was Linda Norman, a systems analyst in Administrative Computing, who was praised by Cindy Ferrario, Leanna Bowman, Marcia Merth and Linda Luke:

"Linda is an incredibly dedicated programmer and analyst. Once Linda has sunk her teeth into a project there is no stopping her. She gets the job done error free and before the deadline. I feel fortunate to work with such a talented programmer and confident in the results of her endeavors. She sets high standards for herself and cultivates the same in others.

Linda is our repository of how our systems work. If you can't figure out how something works or the history of how it was developed; Linda either knows or she delves into the data until she finds out. I am completely astounded at the amount of information she can retain at her fingertips. She often thinks about our future requirements and pushes us past mediocrity. She has a wonderful ability to show up to a meeting with an alternate perspective which usually results in a process or report that surpasses what we ask for.

Linda’s work exemplifies what it means to do it the Western Way. She is responsive, competent, prompt, easy to work with, and goes the extra mile. She is committed to continuous improvement and innovation taking initiative when needed. Recently she updated two of my Banner reports. Linda is so knowledgeable she knows what I need before I do. What she doesn’t know, she learns. Linda goes above and beyond and is an asset to the University. Thank you Linda!

It is difficult to choose just one or two of the five unique Western characteristics to describe Linda Norman. I have worked closely with Linda on a variety of projects, most recently several related to curricular changes. She is extremely knowledgeable with the table structure that lies behind Banner forms and is often able to solve problems before they are even formally identified! Her solutions are innovative and time-saving. She is helpful and willing to share her knowledge with others. Linda exemplifies the Western Way!"

To view more information on the nominees to date, visit the Western Way website