News and Views from Facilities - June 2013

As spring quarter ends and much of campus starts thinking about their own summer plans, it’s a good time to let everyone know about what repair and construction work is planned for the summer. If you leave campus right after graduation and don’t return until fall, you might never even know some of this work happened!

There have been a number of projects impacting lots of areas around campus over the last several months. We’ve been replacing or refurbishing doors, window coverings, and floor coverings in Bond Hall, Humanities, Old Main, Wilson Library, Chemistry Building, and Environmental Studies to name a few. In addition, our plumbing shop completed the replacement of the heat exchanger in the Environmental Studies Building. Thanks to all those who may have been inconvenienced by the work and for those in ES who had extended “sweater days” as they had no heat in May!

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John Furman, Director of Facilities Management
Rick Benner, Director of Facilities Development and Capital Budget


A common question that comes our way is “Why don’t they empty my trash?” Trash and recycling for most offices on campus is self-service when it comes to separating generated waste and emptying your personal office trash bin. This model arises from limited staff as well as initiatives to reduce campus waste. By bringing your waste to the central collection stations down the hall from your office, you have a more personal stake in recycling efforts, which helps Western reach our sustainability goals.

Another common question is “What services should I expect from the custodians?” Facilities Management’s web site contains very detailed information on which services to expect in every academic building, as well as information on how we manage our staff time so as to ensure the highest priority items are always cleaned. Our spaces are coded RED, BLUE, GREEN, and ORANGE. In general, we have enough staff time to complete all priorities, but any hiccups we encounter (i.e. absenteeism or unusually soiled spaces) reduce or eliminate our adherence to the ORANGE and GREEN priorities.

If you need additional information on custodial services, please visit our web link – Services Provided - to find the detailed cleaning services provided for each room or feel free to contact Don Bakkensen, at 3932.


While many students and faculty will be gone for the summer session, FM has dozens of projects and preventative maintenance tasks on our docket for completion during that time. Among those are restroom renewals in Bond Hall and Humanities, repaving and refinishing sports courts at Nash and Ridgeway, new window coverings and a lounge renovation in Buchanan Towers, and relocation of the Dance studio to the Commissary Building.

Nearly all our crews are completely booked for the summer session, so any additionally requested work will be scheduled for the fall.

Fraser Hall Renovation

Work is continuing at a frantic pace, and we are still planning for a fall reopening!

Multi-Purpose Field

Construction of the Multi-Purpose Field on the south side of campus begins in mid-June. The project includes construction of an all-weather artificial turf field, bleachers, restroom facilities, field lighting, electrical service, utilities, and associated facilities. South College Drive will be closed to vehicular and bicycle traffic between the Fairhaven parking lot entrances south to Bill McDonald Parkway from June 17 through Sept. 6. Final completion of the field is scheduled for spring 2014.

Engineering Technology Roof Repairs

Repair work to the roof of the Ross Engineering Technology building will begin in mid-June. Work will include the removal of gravel ballast, sections of rubber roof membrane and roof insulation, and installation of new sloped insulation, rubber roof membrane, and gravel ballast. The drawing below shows the extent of the work area.


Energy Savings Contract (ESCO)

The utility efficiency and improvements project started construction in April 2012 and is now complete. McKinstry, the Energy Savings Contractor (ESCO), and the University (with help from the Department of Enterprise Services) made improvements such as lighting controls, energy efficient lamps, insulation in attic spaces, HVAC controls, and water conservation devices in 21 academic buildings, the Wade King Student Recreation Center, and four residence halls.

Arts Annex Rejuvenation

Arts Facilities Management crews have been working diligently over the past several weeks to cleanup and renew the ceramics spaces in the Arts Annex, helping the department modernize the facilities, and generally sprucing up the learning environment. After emptying the rooms, we are thoroughly cleaning every horizontal surface, then sealing and painting floors and walls.

Managing to Maintain at Ski-to-Sea

In generally unrelated news, pictured below is the all-Western Ski-to-Sea Team (Managing to Maintain). The team represented Western in the Corporate Division, finishing 90th overall and 9th in the division!

Pictured from left to right:

Dave Andrews (kayak), Jason Sprinkle (downhill ski), Rick Nichols (mountain bike), Gary Hodge (road bike), John Furman (canoe), Greg Hough (canoe), Ty Holladay (run), and Paul Dunn (x-country ski).

Making it all possible with phenomenal logistics support and strategic cheering were Jamie Granger, Tim Wynn, and Sherrie Montgomery!

Work on the Fraser Hall renovation continues at a frantic pace with the goal of a fall reopening.
Construction of the multipurpose field on the south side of campus begins in mid-June. The project includes construction of an all-weather artificial turf field, bleachers, restroom facilities, field lighting, electrical service, utilities and associated
This drawing shows the extent of the area in which repairs will be made to the roof of the Ross Engineering Technology building, starting in mid-June.
Arts Facilities Management crews have been working diligently over the past several weeks to cleanup and renew the ceramics spaces in the Arts Annex, helping the department modernize the facilities and generally sprucing up the learning environment.
Pictured here, from left to right, is the all-Western Ski-to-Sea team Managing to Maintain: 
Dave Andrews (kayak), Jason Sprinkle (downhill ski), Rick Nichols (mountain bike), Gary Hodge (road bike), John Furman (canoe), Greg Hough (canoe), Ty Holladay (