New university policy approved - Traveling for Official University Business

Enclosed policy on Traveling for Official University Business has been approved and is effective as of September 28, 2023. Below are the highlights of the policy:

  • Section #2 lists the responsibilities of employee travelers
  • Section #3 describes the responsibilities of deans and directors for establishing a system to review and approve travel. See Standards: Approving Travel for Official University Business  STN-U5348.10A
  • Section #7 and accompanying procedure describes the approval process required prior to traveling
  • Section #8 describes the conditions under which a business travel may be combined with personal travel
  • Section #10 prohibits the use of travel credit for personal purposes. Refer to the Procedure on Reporting and Reconciling Expenses Due to Changes or Cancellation  PRO-U5348.10C
  • Section 14 applies to non-employee students who may travel to support the mission of academic or non-academic activities, refer to  Standards- Managing Student Travel STN-U5348.10B
  • Please see additional supporting procedures and standards in the “See Also” Section of the policy