Multicultural Center Construction Update: Construction work begins in earnest this week

The main construction phase of the Multicultural Center Project begins in earnest next week. The technical complexities of this project, as well as its location and the VU’s high usage create many challenges. Also, there are many components dependent upon the completion of other activities. It’s challenging to pin down exact dates but our best shot is the following (numbered bullets relate to numbers on map):

  1. The Bookstore’s move to its temporary location in the VU Multipurpose Room (MPR) should be complete by February 20.
  2. Vendor’s Row will continue to operate in its present location until required permits are obtained for its new permanent location on the east side of the VU MPR.
  3. The main VU east entry doors will remain open until a new accessible route from High Street to the PA Plaza is complete (target date February 20) and Vendor’s Row is relocated.
  4. The south VU doors will become an improved accessible entry after button activation is complete.
  5. Once Vendor’s Row has moved, the new accessible route is complete and the VU south entry doors are button activated, fencing goes up (shown in yellow) and pedestrian detours (blue dashed lines) will be in place. Use the doors off PA Plaza (south entries) to enter the VU. Please be cautious of construction traffic accessing the gated construction zone off High Street.
  6. The bus stops in front of MPR will be relocated in front of PA on February 26 (previously announced as February 22).

Although all construction projects are fluid in nature with changing conditions and schedules, we’ll try our best to keep you informed. Updated notices will be sent out via emails, Western Today and social media as we receive information from the contractor and consultants. The project web page will also be updated. Scheduled completion is June 2019. Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility. 


Contact info:

Forest Payne, Project Manager, 650-3218,

Dale Krause, On-Site Construction Coordinator, 650-4646,

Project web page: