Matthew Liao-Troth write article discussing faculty unionization voting behavior

Matthew Liao-Troth (Management) wrote the article "Correlates of Faculty Unionization Voting Behavior," which appears in the current issue of "Journal of Collective Negotiations" (formerly "Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector") 2008, 32 (4): pp. 305-315. The issue was delayed with the journal’s move to a new publisher.

Abstract: This exploratory article presents surveys of faculty conducted after a vote to unionize at two public universities and self-report correlates of voting behavior. Positive attitudes toward unions and peer preferences for a union are the two largest correlates of voting for a union. Once controlling for these two items, sense of community, sense of autonomy, trust in management, work environment, self-efficacy, equity sensitivity, and attitudes toward pay for performance had no effect. Implications and future directions for study are discussed.