Lorna and Darrell Smith to Discuss Washington's Large Carnivores Nov. 10

Lorna and Darrell Smith from Western Wildlife Outreach will discuss the status of large carnivores in Washington state as part of the Western Washington University Huxley College of the Environment Speaker Series at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 10 in Miller Hall 138 on the WWU campus.

The presentation is free and open to the public.

It’s an exciting time to be a large carnivore biologist or aficionado. Career wildlife biologists and ecologists Darrell and Lorna Smith have been immersed in carnivore issues since the mid-1980s. In their Speaker Series talk titled “Lions, Bears & Wolves: The Status of Large Charismatic Carnivores in Washington State,” they will discuss new developments and science-based knowledge in carnivore ecology, genetics and taxonomy, along with current population status and recovery issues. They will also talk about safety and human/carnivore coexistence.

Western Wildlife Outreach (WWO) grew out of the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project (GBOP), which was founded by Bellingham-based bear ecologist, educator and filmmaker Chris Morgan and partner Jim Davis nearly 17 years ago. As a nonprofit organization, WWO works under contracts with state and federal wildlife agencies and organizations such as the Woodland Park Zoo to do science-based outreach and education and promote human-carnivore coexistence throughout Washington.

Ecologist and biologist Lorna Smith graduated in Biological Sciences and Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology from the University of Washington and Evergreen College, and has been executive director of WWO since 2012. Her husband Darrell, who studied Wildlife Biology at Washington State University and the University of Washington, volunteers about half of his time with WWO as wildlife biologist, science advisor and large-carnivore specialist.

The presentation will include a question-and-answer period. Anyone interested in the topic is encouraged to attend and participate.

The Huxley College Speaker Series, sponsored by Western’s Huxley College of the Environment, is intended to bring together environmentally-minded members of the WWU and Bellingham communities. Speakers address topics of contemporary environmental concern in the region and the world.

WWU’s Huxley College of the Environment is one of the oldest environmental colleges in the nation and a recognized leader in producing the next generation of environmental professionals and stewards. Huxley’s distinctive, interdisciplinary curriculum reflects a broad view of the physical, biological, social, and cultural world, and has earned international recognition for quality.

For more information, please contact WWU’s Huxley College of the Environment at (360) 650-2554.