Liberal Studies' Jonathan Miran appointed editor of the journal 'Northeast African Studies'

NEAS cover
Jonathan Miran, professor of Liberal Studies at WWU, was appointed to serve as General Editor of the journal "Northeast African Studies" (see for the next five years.

Founded in 1979 and published by Michigan State University Press, Northeast African Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal that focuses on northeast Africa – including the Horn, the Nile Valley, and the Red Sea region. It publishes scholarly contributions from all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including interdisciplinary and trans-regional studies. The journal publishes two issues per year and reaches a large audience of readers in the United States, Europe and Africa.

Miran also recently accepted an invitation to serve as a member on the editorial board of the journal Africa. Rivista di studi e ricerche, the longest-standing Italian journal devoted to African studies, published since 1945.