Kinesiology reopens to new majors starting winter quarter

The Kinesiology major at Western Washington University will again be accepting new majors, starting in winter 2016. Kinesiology has been closed to new majors for roughly a year due to excessive demand.

Space is available for approximately 25 new majors in winter and 40 in spring. Students are invited to apply to enter the Kinesiology major in winter or spring 2016 following the guidelines below. A new GPA-based selective application process will begin in spring 2016 for admission to the Kinesiology major in fall 2016.

Kinesiology winter and spring 2016 application guidelines:

  • Students will have at least 75 credits recorded in their WWU transcript at the time of application. Students entering winter or spring quarter must have at least 75 transferable credits at the time they applied for admission. (If a student will not have 75 credits until fall 2015 grades are recorded, then the student must wait until those grades are recorded to apply.)
  • Students will have at least a 2.5 GPA at the time of application, recorded in WWU web4u online transcript.  The required minimum GPA will be calculated using only the student's WWU GPA recorded in the WWU web4u online transcript. If the student has no WWU GPA for at least one quarter, the GPA of the most recent institution attended will be used. Transfer and high credit Running Start students, if accepted into the major in their first quarter at WWU, must provide a copy of their transcript from the previous institution for GPA verification at the time they meet with Health and Human Development staff to have their student status converted to the Kinesiology major, or previously via email, if requested.
  • Students will have the opportunity to request: a) only winter KIN 306; or b) only spring KIN 306; or c) either winter or spring KIN 306 (if assigned to winter KIN 306 you can not defer to spring).
  • If accepted to the major, the student must take KIN 306 in the term assigned to them (Winter & Spring: MTWRF  02:00-02:50 pm).  If the student does not take KIN 306 in the term assigned the student will be removed from the major (and can reapply to the major later, see the item below).
  • Students, who apply for the winter and/or spring KIN 306 but who are not accepted due to space limits, will be able to apply in the first week of spring term for the fall term KIN 306 and the Kinesiology major using a new GPA based selective application process that will be published on the Kinesiology website in winter quarter 2016.
  • Students will apply to the Kinesiology major for the winter and spring 2016 term using the link on the page, after the application form opens at 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4.

Applicants who meet the requirements (listed above) for applying to the Kinesiology major will be admitted to the major on a first come, first served basis, up to the available capacity of the major for winter and spring terms.