June issue of 'Desk Notes' covers rekeying project, summer planning, sustainability

This edition addresses a number of important projects and milestones that are underway which will have significant impact on campus.

We have recently completed rekeying all exterior doors of University Residences and will soon start rekeying all academic building exterior doors. This rekeying effort is the first phase of a larger project to improve campus access controls, as well as improve overall safety and security over the next couple of years. In broad terms, we intend to eliminate the three generations of brass key systems currently in use, to be replaced with a system designed to meet today’s operational needs. With the newly designed key system will come a higher level of accountability on the part of all key holders and departments, as well as routine and periodic auditing to verify the existence of issued keys and validate the lists of authorized users.

Many have asked why we are taking this first step now instead of rekeying all at once. There are two reasons: first, we are using the opportunity to speak with area managers to fully understand their operational needs before finalizing the design of the new keying system; second, the issuance of new keys facilitates an examination of internal tracking of keys and authorized users, which will be very helpful as we migrate to electronic access controls on our buildings.

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