It's the last week of the Tournées Film Festival at Western Washington University

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It's the last week of the Tournées Film Festival at Western Washington University. Tonight at 7:00PM in VU 552 "Francofonia" by Aleksandr Sokurov. Another film you don't want to miss:

"The film is almost impossible to categories – it falls somewhere between documentary, essay film and video art installation – and Sokurov deploys a mixture of audio-visual forms, including archive footage, both authentic and manipulated; still photographs; paintings; diagrams and voiceover, as well as the expected sinuous Steadicam glides around portraiture and sculpture, over the course of its limber 87-minute running time.

The film’s theme is the nature of museums themselves: what they tell us about our grasp of time, their historical function in empire-building, the way in which they foster the harvesting and hoarding of culture, and how those very acts alter our understanding of power, both personal and political. (I did say that it wasn’t easily expressed.)" -- Robbie Collin