Keith Judelman: The guy in charge of calm

Sun streams through the window of Revive Therapeutics. The small waiting room, mildly Asian-inspired and adorned with a vase of orange flowers and neat stacks of books, emits a feeling of calm. Like it should. 
Revive, which houses and co-operates with Hillside Acupuncture, opened in Seward Park in early June. 
Hillside Acupuncture is the creation of Keith Judelman, 29, who opened his own acupuncture practice in 2009 after graduating from the Wu Hsing Tao School.
“I kind of just went for it,” Keith says. “I have these skills, I wanted to share them. The more and more I learn, the more I can see what is going on in people around me.”
Keith, who grew up in Seattle and went to Seattle Hebrew Academy and Garfield High before getting a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Western Washington University, became interested in Chinese medicine as part of a natural progression from an interest in Chinese martial arts and natural medicine.