'COVID-19 IRL': Western Washington University students use social media to educate incoming students

With only 1,300 hundred of the normally 4,000 students living on campus returning this week, life is much quieter under coronavirus at Western Washington University (WWU).

But that doesn't mean it's any more calm.

"I'm definitely worried about school starting back up and what thousands of students moving back up to Bellingham means for the community and for COVID infection rates," said grad student Hunter Stuehm.

Stuehm is a member of student government at WWU.

He said 90% of students surveyed said they wear masks and social distance while in public, but that number drops to 40% when they're with friends and family. 

"It's frustrating to see young people not being responsible," he said. "That behavior is inappropriate and inexcusable, but I also don't think we achieve anything by vilifying young people."