Honor dedicated colleagues with Western Way award

Do you work with an outstanding colleague at Western Washington University? Nominate him or her for special honors in the Western Way recognition program, which aims to recognize Western employees for their hard work on campus and to give their co-workers an opportunity to praise their efforts.

Recent nominee Gabe Gossett, a librarian and head of Research Consultation in the Western Libraries, was praised for his attitude by student Desiree Campos:

"His positive outlook and inquisitive nature are undeniably contagious. He is one of the most caring and dedicated individuals you will ever have the pleasure of crossing paths with. He has a strong sense of commitment to his colleagues, but most of all to the students of WWU."

Any time throughout the year, folks in the WWU community can visit the Western Way website to recognize a Western employee who demonstrates excellence in serving students, visitors or colleagues, based on the characteristics that make them uniquely Western: inviting, engaging, distinctive, collaborative and adventurous.

Western Way honorees are recognized online on the Western Way Wall of Acknowledgment, in the Western Today newsletter and in a slideshow at the Employee Recognition Ceremony in April.

To view more information on the nominees to date, visit the Western Way website at www.wwu.edu/westernway/.