Have you taken the state's required commuter trip reduction survey yet?

Washington state requires WWU employees to complete a commute trip survey. This short survey about your commute habits only takes a few minutes,  follow the link below for your specific assigned work location to take the survey! Please complete the survey by May 15.

  • What is Commute Trip Reduction?

It’s a state law and program that focuses on reducing congestion and improving air quality. The CTR survey helps employers understand the commute patterns of their employees so they can help improve their commutes. The survey also helps cities, counties, transit agencies, and the State understand commutes so they can make changes to improve commuting.

  • I telework, do I still have to take the survey?

Yes, telework has always been considered a commute mode by the CTR program.

  • Are my responses anonymous?

Yes, no personally identifiable information is collected. The summarized worksite data may be shared with your employer, jurisdiction, and state government.

  • Why is this a required survey?

Washington State requires employers of more than 100 employees to act on reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips to work. This survey will help inform both WWU and the State how we are doing at reducing our single-occupancy vehicle trips and actions WWU can take to increase our CTR participation.

  • Troubleshooting the survey:
    • Use a computer rather than phone or tablet.
    • Safari browser seems to not work as well, try a different browser if you are having difficulties.
    • If you live in Canada, please enter the boarder crossing you use because the survey will not allow out of US addresses to be inputted.


WWU Main Campus Commute Trip Reduction Survey (all of campus including Physical Plant, Archives Building, Commissary, Campus Services, and Alumni House)

Administrative Services (333 32nd Street)

Student Business and Development Center Survey (2219 Rimland Drive)

If you work at another WWU location (Shannon Point Marine Center, Everett Community College, Peninsula College, or Olympic College) you do not need to complete the survey.