Get to know Western's COVID Tracker system and how it works

Depending on a student's status, their COVID Tracker badge will look like one of the images in this graphic, ranging from "vaccinated" (green) to "In Isolation" (red)Meet Western’s COVID Clearance Status tracking system, our tool to help keep campus safe and ensure that students can access events and spaces on campus. Accessed through the Student Health Center Portal, Western’s COVID Tracker will keep students in the know on their COVID status and will serve as a COVID Pass that helps students participate in everything campus has to offer this year. When you log into MyWesternHealth, your home page will display the option to see your COVID Clearance Pass, and will signal a color based on whether you are current on your COVID-19 requirements. Hit the "Show Badge" button to see your COVID Clearance Pass. Depending on your status, you will see one of the images above.

Be prepared to show your COVID Pass. It is an essential tool in helping us keep everyone safe this year. You may need to show your pass before you come into a classroom, an office or a campus event. Faculty and staff will be looking for a green pass for that day, indicating an all-access pass. If you’ve got any other color, there’s something you need to do before you can take part in campus events; it could mean you need to be vaccinated or get approval for a waiver, that you are in quarantine or isolation, or that you are not up to date on COVID testing. 

Learn more about Western’s COVID Tracker and Pass here: