Garcia has article published in Journal of Management Education

Joe Garcia, professor of management at Western Washington University, has had his article "Isn’t It Time We Did Something About the Lack of Teaching Preparation in Business Doctoral Programs?" published in the Journal of Management Education.

Garcia penned the piece along with Robert D. Marx of University of Massachusetts Amherst, D. Anthony Butterfield of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Jeffrey A. Kappen of Drake University and Timothy T. Baldwin of Indiana University.

The authors compared 50 doctoral programs to better understand how the programs incorporate teaching preparation in their curriculum, according to a blog post from publisher Sage Publications

"Citing the increasing difficulty for graduates to pursue a career in business academia, as well as the negative impact underprepared professors have upon their students, the authors of this article make a compelling argument about why teaching preparation should be more central to business doctoral programs," the blog post continues.