Free Resources for 'Dryish' January 

2024 is here, and the Counseling and Wellness Center invites students to celebrate the new year with a Dryish January challenge!

Find out more about the benefits of a 'Dryish January' at

Dryish January is short for removing alcohol, cannabis, and other substances for a brief time to examine the parts of your life (social, health, financial, etc.) it may be affecting and make changes if you choose. The “ish” means that even if you aren’t substance free every day of the month, you can still participate and still gain the benefits. Anyone can do Dryish January, even those who haven’t thought about their substance use before.

Visit the Counseling and Wellness Center’s Dryish January page for more information, a calendar of journal prompts, and a downloadable guidebook with ideas for non-alcoholic drinks, resources, and activities for individuals to think about their substance use each day. Students can also order a free Dryish January care package while supplies last. If you’re interested in going dryish but aren’t able to participate in January, you can bookmark the website and save the challenge for another month.

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