Faculty Senate abstract: Sept. 28, 2015

[ Note: These are not official minutes. ]

Called to order by Senate President Molly Ware at 4:02 pm.

Reports and announcements:

Senate President Ware:

  1. The Faculty Senate honors the memory of Diana Jones, associate professor in the Human Services program in Woodring College of Education, and Alex Binkerd, Western Washington University student.
  2. Darin Rasmussen, Director of Public Safety, is requesting faculty volunteers for participation in a pilot active shooter drill that will take place on October 15, 2015 at 9:40 am. Rasmussen is particularly seeking volunteers who teach labs at that time. Those interested in participating should contact Molly Ware or Lizzy Ramhorst.
  3. Nominations for the 2015 Western Sustainability Awards are now open.

Provost Brent Carbajal:

  1. An external IT consultant is preparing a report regarding IT on campus. The report will help inform the recruitment process for John Lawson’s successor.
  2. Carver renovations are underway.

Chuck Lambert, UFWW President:

  1. Collective bargaining continues. A Memorandum of Understanding has been created that will extend the 2012-2015 CBA until a new agreement has been reached.

Sara Singleton, Faculty Legislative Representative:

  1. Singleton shared the outcome of the latest legislative session and mentioned that the McCleary v. State of Washington decision may have impacts on the next session.

Zachary Dove, ASVP for Academic Affairs:

  1. A Student Caucus will be held on Tuesday, October 6th where students are hoping to build on dialogue with faculty on inclusivity and campus climate.

Discussion Item:

Introduction and Overview of the Year: Ware shared documents summarizing conversations and visioning exercises that took place at the Senate Executive Council’s annual planning retreat. Ware asked senators to consider their own goals for the coming year and how they envision success and their role on the Senate.

Action Items:

Appointments and Elections:

  1. Amanda Eurich, Appointments and Elections Officer, presented nominations to Senate standing committees and announced outstanding vacancies. Senators voted unanimously to approve a motion from the Executive Council to confirm all proposed appointments (see Appendix A). Selection Process for Faculty Nominations to Presidential Search Advisory Committee: Ware shared a letter outlining the selection process for faculty nominees who would like to be considered for the faculty positions on the Presidential Search Advisory Committee. Senators voted unanimously to approve a document articulating the proposed
  2. Selection Process for Faculty Nominees to the Presidential Search Advisory Committee with minor edits (moved by Rich Brown, seconded). Senators adjourned at 6:02 pm.

Elections and appointments to Senate standing committees:

  1. Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC): Area D, CFPA: Patrick Roulet, Music Area F, Fairhaven: Hilary Schwandt, Fairhaven Area G, Huxley: David Rossiter, Huxley Area H, Woodring: Tracy Thorndike, Special Education Area I, Libraries: Elizabeth Stephan, Libraries
  2. Academic Technology Committee (ATC): Area A, CSE: Andy Klein, Engineering & Design Area C, CHSS: Michael Slouber, Liberal Studies (Pending CHSS FAC appointment confirmation) Area I, Libraries: Gabe Gossett, Libraries Faculty Legislative Representative (FLR): FLR: Sara Singleton, Political Science
  3. Senate Extended Education Committee (SEEC): IEP/Language and Culture Programs Representative: Paul Mart, Intensive English Program Senate Library Committee (SLC): Area A, CSE: Anu Singh-Cundy, Biology Area D, CFPA: Monique Kerman, Art Area I, Libraries: Beth Joffrion, Libraries
  4. University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC): Area A, CSE: David Patrick, Chemistry Area I, Libraries: Bob Thomas, Libraries Senate Representative: Kristen Larson, Physics and Astronomy

Senate vacancies on senate standing committees:

  1. To Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC): CBE (1 volunteer)
  2. To Academic Technology Committee (ATC): CFPA; CBE; Fairhaven; & Huxley (4 volunteers)
  3. To Senate Extended Education Committee (SEEC): Fairhaven; Woodring; & 1 Senator (3 volunteers) To Senate Library Committee (SLC): Fairhaven & 1 Senator (2 volunteers)
  4. To University Planning & Resources Council (UPRC)2: CHSS & CFPA (2 volunteers)