Discover The Global Impact of Online Education: A Conversation with Visiting Professor Alassane Dia of Senegal Nov. 15

Dia's presentation is free and open to the public

Western Washington University will host a discussion on the global impact of online education on Wednesday, Nov.15, from 4-5 p.m. in Miller Hall 235, led by Professor Alassane Dia. 

Dia’s presentation is free and open to the public. 

Dia, a visiting faculty member from Senegal during fall quarter, will delve into the exploration of bridging continents and cultures through the transformative method of online education. 

“The conversation will help Western students learn about the fascinating journey of bridging continents and cultures through education. By sharing experience, expertise, and personal stories regarding life on campus in Senegal, I believe it will resonate to them as a credible voice to learn about international education outside of the US context and understand what it takes to be oneself when opportunities look totally different and when challenges, hopes, and impediments come all along the way,” Dia said.  

In his presentation, Dia will bring together personal anecdotes from his life on campus in Senegal prior to the emergence of e-learning, stories of cross-cultural exchanges, collaborative projects, and the mutually enriching experiences of Western Washington University and Senegalese students. His upcoming discussion will provide unique insights into the evolving landscape of global education. 

“As an online education expert and practitioner, I truly believe in digital transformation regardless of the digital divide. Online education is a pillar of development in the digital era. It is a transformative power in fostering global connections and promoting international education and diversity,” Dia said.  

This event is open to all, and attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Dia. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the transformative power of online education and its role in connecting students across the globe. 

To find out more information about this event or RSVP visit Western Involvement Network