‘Crochet Sculpture: Fibers and Fabrics’ in the B Gallery through Nov. 24

Western Washington University’s Department of Art is hosting an exhibition titled “Crochet Sculpture: Fibers and Fabrics” in the Fine Arts Building’s B Gallery in the Fine Arts Building through Nov. 24.  

The exhibition features sculptures made from crochet fabrics. The students presenting in this exhibit are from Seiko Purdue’s Fibers and Fabrics class. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

Isis Beckwith, a senior majoring in Studio Art, is one of the students whose sculptures are featured in the exhibit.  Beckwith’s piece features a fishnet made out of fabric with jellyfish and sea glass hanging down beneath the net.

“A lot of my work revolves around the theme of conservation. My piece in this exhibit is about our environmental impact on marine life,” said Beckwith.

The students had a month to prepare their ideas, learn how to crochet and build the installation for the exhibit. Each piece features a unique concept that also deviates away from the typical blanket weaving associated with crochet and into something thought provoking and artistic. A few pieces in the exhibit are made to be interactive with the audience, such as stamps made out of fabric, where the audience can come and create a stamp on the wall.  

For more information about the exhibit, contact bgallery.wwu@gmail.com.