COVID policies and procedures in place for Fall 2021

After careful consideration of the recommendations provided by the COVID Support Team, and significant discussion, Western has announced the following COVID policies and procedures for Fall 2021:

Masks: Employees, Students and Visitors

All individuals, including visitors, must be masked at all times when indoors.  This includes all indoor public spaces and when inside WWU transportation.  The only exceptions to this requirement are when individuals are in an office or vehicle alone, are in gatherings where all individuals are vaccinated, or students inside their own room in a university residence.  

Safe Start Operating Levels

The university will implement “COVID Recovery Status” on Aug. 1, and retire the operating levels system previously used.

Social Distancing

Social distancing rules are still in place outdoors for anyone who is unvaccinated.

Capacity Limitations

The university will not implement pandemic-related capacity limitations except as required for events with 10,000+ attendees immediately.


The university will discontinue online attestations immediately. The university will provide supportive messaging for employees encouraging them to stay home when sick, and for supervisors encouraging them to send sick employees home.

COVID Safety Site Supervisors

The university will discontinue the COVID Site Supervisor program, and return responsibility for site safety to supervisors immediately.

On-Site Safety Plans

COVID managers will update and simplify the current safety plan. The university will discontinue plan approvals, but maintain the site for documentation.

After July 30, the university will no longer require submission of site safety plans. COVID managers will provide consultation and support as questions about site safety arise.

On-Site Employees

After July 30, the university will no longer require supervisor approval for faculty and staff to have an on-campus presence.

Note that these policies and procedures may be modified, added to, or removed as circumstances around local case loads change, or new recommendations are passed down from local, state, or national health departments.


Send your questions about fall COVID policies and procedures to