Contribute to 'Learning Together Today' offered by WWU’s Center for Community Learning

WWU students, faculty and staff have a new opportunity to learn alongside each other in this era of social distancing. Learning Together Today is an easy opportunity to share life experiences and wisdom with members of the WWU community and beyond. 

Each weekday, the Center for Community Learning emails a prompt which contributors can complete with a word, phrase, or a few sentences on a shared Google Doc.

Some of the prompts so far have been:

  • I do my best thinking…
  • A part of local history I wish was better known is…
  • An elder who taught me something important is…


Learning Together Today has become an important part of my morning routine,” explained Kate Darby, a professor in the Department of Environmental Studies. “Spending a few moments to reflect on the prompt and appreciate others’ responses has been such a calming way to start each work day.”

Many of the Learning Together Today contributors are part of the Community Engagement Fellows network, and represent a wide variety of locales and community organizations. This diversity of perspectives has created a dynamic learning community. 

“I am intrigued by what others are posting and heartened to know we have such interesting, thoughtful, caring individuals in our community,” added Christine Perkins of the Whatcom County Library System. 

Click on this link to sign up to receive Learning Together Today. All are welcome to participate. 

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