Construction activity update for the Multicultural Center

Here are the construction activities scheduled at the Multicultural Center for the next several weeks:


  • During spring break, the metal canopy and concrete columns in the former Vendor’s Row walkway demolished.
  • Demolition at the old AS Bookstore continues; demolition of the 7th floor mezzanine and partial walls follows.
  • Expect demolition noise to continue into May.
  • Expect extra truck traffic on High Street for material removal.
  • After a few glitches, both web cameras are live again!


  • Temporary construction wall in VU5 East (by the lobby) will be extended to help protect and separate VU occupants from construction activities.
  • Demolition continues in the former Art Gallery and VU506 Office of Student Life areas (shown below). Activities include saw cutting and excavation that create noise, dust and odors. Contractor will mitigate those impacts as much as possible.

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