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Carolyn Nielsen presents at journalism conference, elected to national board 2011-09-02
Learn about native trees in walk through Whatcom Falls Park

When amateur arborist John Wesselink strolls through Whatcom Falls Park, he can see the forest for the trees.
But, oh, the trees he sees.
"The beauty of Whatcom Falls Park is that there's such a variety of native woody species. It's loaded with woody botany," said…

Reardon leading Hope for top county post in run-up to Nov. 8

This season's primary could prove a fun exercise for reading the political tea leaves, even for some races where both candidates automatically advance to the November election.

Take the race between incumbent Democrat Aaron Reardon and Republican Mike Hope for Snohomish County…

'Mystery Lode,' chapter 6: 'Stuck in Bellingham'

Welcome to "Mystery Lode," a six-part serial adventure written by Whatcom County residents.

The adventure runs July 11 through Aug. 15, with a new chapter in each Monday's edition of The Herald.

In our story so far,…

Nuts to You

Sometime in the first six months after I began working the counter at my first bookstore job, I started offering each customer a sack for their books. I say “started” because no one in the Pacific Northwest or their right mind says “sack.” We say “bag.” Actually, we say “bayg.”


Staffer's journey to commencement lasts 32 years 2011-08-08
Follow the cash in county executive race

Imagine being the top elected official in Snohomish County, a well-known figure with twice the amount of campaign cash to burn as your opponent.

Would you spend the money now or save it for later in the campaign?

Then put yourself in the other guy's shoes. Would it be better…

Whidbey Islander sings in ‘Porgy and Bess’ at the Seattle Opera

Samantha O’Brochta, of Freeland, thought she was dreaming when the Seattle Opera called her back.

“A friend of mine posted the audition on Facebook,” O’Brochta said.

That’s how she found out the major company was holding auditions for…

Victims work to get back to ‘old selves’

Aug. 3 marks the one-year anniversary of a life-changing event for Delhi residents Adam and Scott Conrad and Dyersville resident Brad Mahoney. At a Peosta home to stain the basement floor, a freak accident happened in which an explosion occurred in the lower level, causing all three men to…

Burn victims recovering, one year later

Three men's lives changed instantly, one year ago, after an explosion happened while they were working in a basement near Peosta.

Adam Conrad, his brother Scott Conrad and Brad Mahoney, now 29, 25 and 19, respectively, were working construction in a basement, when fumes built up and…

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