Collaboration wanted for diversity teach-in

The Western Washington Diversity Teach-In committee is holding its fourth teach-in event Wednesday, May 20.

This event will use a conference-style model. To this end, the committee is reaching out to faculty, students and staff who are interested in facilitating a breakout session. Those sessions should be grounded in some type of theory and practice and connected to the event's theme of intersectionality and oppression.

Participants have suggested a wide range of topics, including the following:

  • School-to-prison pipeline
  • Patriarchy, gender and education
  • Genderqueer and non-binary visibility
  • Queer student of color issues
  • Cultural capital and whose culture is being taught/valued in schools and whose culture is not being valued/legitimize in schools
  • Abelism

The committee encourages that submissions and sessions be done collaboratively with students, staff and faculty members; submissions with student co-facilitation will be weighted more favorably.

Submissions must be turned in via email by Wednesday, April 1. Those choosing to apply should answer the following three questions below and send responses to

  • Name(s) and position(s) in the university:
  • Theme or topic being addressed:
  • Brief description of session (300 word max):