Check out the new Uncommon First Year Experience courses for winter and spring

Are you a first year student who wants to add a few extra credits to your winter schedule? Or an undeclared student who wants to explore different disciplines? Or someone who has interest in the themes of this year's Western Reads book? This year only, we're offering several 1-2 credit engaged learning courses. No more than 30 students. Undeclared students get priority registration. They're like FIG seminars but without the attached classes. And they have really awesome experiences embedded in them like

  • Attending three Octavia's Cinema films ("Arrival," "Avatar," and "District 9" in winter 2019 OR "Metropolis," "Signs," and "Black Panther" in spring 2019) and post-film dialogues as part of the Alien Perspectives or Visionary Worlds courses (1 credit; EDUC 197D & EDUC 197E; winter & spring 2019).
  • Working closely with Walidah Imarisha, editor of this year's Western Reads book, "Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements" as part of Science Fiction & Social Change course (2 credits; ENG 110; winter 2019).
  • Leading peers in a seminar discussion related to themes from this year's Western Reads book as part of an Environmental Justice book group course (1 credit; ENVS 499D; spring 2019).
  • Actively shaping the new curriculum for the Salish Sea Institute (1 credit; SALI 497; winter and spring 2019).


Designed for students who want an Uncommon First Year Experience (#UNcommon FYE). Open to all students after January 1. Please email course instructor for permission to enroll after January 1. 

Sponsored by Western Reads, the Equity and Inclusion Forum, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and the Salish Sea Institute. For class descriptions and more information see  or contact to learn more.