Carver getting a coat of paint starting tomorrow through Saturday

The north face of Carver is ready for exterior painting this week! A lift is required to reach the roof eave, upper columns and downspouts. Early Wednesday morning (6:30-7:30 a.m.), a truck will deliver a lift to High Street; from there, the lift will run on its own power to Carver via the fire lane between College Hall and Haggard Hall. The construction fencing will be temporarily moved north towards Bond Hall to accommodate the work and protect pedestrians.

When the lift is positioned into place, there will likely be diesel exhaust fumes as well as during repositioning. However, the engine will not be left to idle. Due to the long reach required, it was not possible to use a propane operated lift. The back up alarm on a lift this size activates in forward and backward motion. Keeping windows closed will help minimize the unavoidable noise and fumes. The work will proceed through Saturday, May 27.

Once painting is complete, the lift will run back to High Street via the fire lane to High Street and will be loaded on a truck. Spotters will escort both the arrival and return process.

If you have questions/concerns, please contact Dale Krause, construction coordinator at 360-650-4646 or