Carver construction: What to expect April 17 to 30

Construction continues on the Carver Academic Facility construction project on Western Washington University's Bellingham campus.

The project includes replacement of the building center section with a three-story addition and wrapping the east and south sides with new structure and glass windows and other exterior openings. The project will address urgently needed seismic reinforcement throughout the facility, replace numerous aging building systems, provide improved disabled access to classrooms, labs and offices, and allow for much better use of academic spaces.

Live video feeds of the construction project are available on the project website from the WWU Office of Facilities Development and Capital Budget.

Here's what to expect the week of April 17:

  • Central Corridor: Continue steel erection. Iron workers will work 7am-5:30pm, Mondays through Thursdays.
  • East Side Addition:
    • Reinforce and place slab on grade
    • Reinforce shear wall
  • Gym A: Continue underground plumbing and grading locker rooms.
  • Gym C Addition: Continue backfilling cap/beams.

Continuing noise impacts include:

  • Back up beepers.
  • Concrete pumper trucks on the south and east areas of the construction area.
  • Cranes and welding/air compressor equipment noise associated with steel erection process.


  • Be aware of “Just In Time” structural steel deliveries entering campus from the south on extra-long trucks.
  • The arc welding used in the steel frame construction process is harmless when viewed from a distance and the contractor will shield the welding activities where possible. However, prolonged exposure (viewing for extended periods of time) or use of magnifying devices could lead to issues, even from a distance, and should be avoided.

And what to expect for the week of April 24:

  • Central Corridor:
    • Continue steel erection
    • Place slab and utilities on metal decking
  • East Side Addition:
    • Reinforce and place slab on grade
    • Reinforce shear wall
  • Gym C Addition: Reinforce slab on grade.
  • 1935/1970 Building: Continue roof abatement.
  • 1959 Building/Gym A: Continue grading locker rooms.

For more information, contact Dale Krause, construction coordinator at 360-650-4646 or