Capital Budget Request sent to OFM; details available

The process of developing Western’s 2017-2027 Capital Plan and 2017-2019 Capital Budget Request was completed this week with submission of the documents ( to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) in Olympia.  

The Office of Facilities Development and Capital Budget thanks those involved in successfully completing the process that began over a year ago. In the Summer and Fall of 2015, the University and its Planning Unit Leaders began reviewing the previous ten-year capital plan major and intermediate sized projects to determine which projects to retain and which ones to add. During Spring 2016, the Vice Presidents presented initial thoughts to the University’s Planning and Resources Council. The Council gathered comments from its members and the campus community and shared the input with the Vice Presidents. Over the course of Spring 2016, the ten-year plan was refined by the VP’s. The new ten-year plan was ultimately approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2016.  During the summer Western submitted capital project proposals to OFM for scoring as part of this process. 

Concurrently, in Fall 2015, a bottom up preservation and programmatic minor works request process was initiated. It was ultimately reviewed and approved by the Planning Unit Leaders, presented and reviewed with comments by UPRC, and adopted by the Vice Presidents. The Board also approved these two line items as part of the ten-year plan.

For further information on the Capital Budget or to look at the proposals or minor works lists, visit the Facilities Development and Capital Budget website at: