Can-American Studies, Border Policy Research Institute announce new media analysis internship for WWU students

BPRI & C/AM Canada-US COVID-19 Media Analysis Internship

  • C/AM 444 3-Credits
  • BPRI Supervisors: Jennifer Bettis & Andréanne Bissonnette
  • C/AM Supervisor: Christina Keppie
  • Winter Quarter 2024


“Thinking of border issues through a media studies perspective matters because, in their most general sense, both borders and media are structuring frameworks of reference for how we come to understand ourselves and our place in the world” (Llamas-Rodriguez, 2023: 3)

The BPRI & C/AM Internship student will assist in the collection, coding, and analysis of news-media articles on the equity impacts of COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions between the US and Canada. The student will learn about qualitative research methods and have opportunities to use data to produce research outputs in the form of infographics, policy briefs, and/or social media posts. The internship will consist of a mixture of regularly scheduled weekly contact-time and independent work.

The student will need to enroll in the C/AM 444 course for Winter Quarter. Please see the Center for Canadian-American Studies for assistance.

Required Qualifications:

  • Have an interest in US-Canada relations or border studies
  • Be meticulous/detail-oriented
  • Be independent
  • Basic understanding of Excel, Word, and Adobe PDFs
  • Knowledge of Canadian American Studies
  • Prerequisite courses: JOUR190 or C/AM200 or C/AM 397M (Can/Am Media Systems)

Desired Qualification:

  • Experience with management of social media and/or newsletters
  • Basic understanding of journalism methodologies
  • Experience using databases

At the end of this internship, students will develop skills in:

  • Media analysis and working with newspapers databases
  • Summarizing research findings in policy briefs
  • Production of various research outputs

To apply, please submit a complete cover letter (min. 1 page, max. 2 pages) to Jennifer Bettis, BPRI Research and Program Manager ( that addresses the following:

  • Your interest in this opportunity
  • How you meet the required/desired qualifications; this could include (but is not limited to) relevant coursework and/or major/minor affiliation, as well as professional experience and personal interest.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Jennifer Bettis by email only: Emails sent to any other BPRI or C/AM affiliated account may not be considered. Phone calls may not be considered. We look forward to working with you!