Campus discussion: How to create community and work toward mutual understanding

These past few weeks members of our community have experienced fear, anxiety, and feelings of physical and psychological insecurity and in some cases the loss of loved ones because of the attack by Hamas on Israel, Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, and the growing humanitarian crisis.

As a community we haven’t had an opportunity to collectively process our thoughts and feelings and explore how we can work toward mutual understanding. So, I am writing to invite you to join me on Wednesday, Nov. 8 in Wilson 480 (the Wilson Library Reading Room) from 2-3 p.m. to support each other as we grapple with our thoughts and feelings and begin to explore a path toward creating a greater sense of community, belonging, physical and psychological safety.

There’s no formal programming planned for this event but there will be grab-and-go snacks, pizza, fruit, coffee, and tea. I hope to see you on Wednesday.


Jacqueline Hughes