Call for 2024-2025 Honors Seminar Proposals 

The University Honors College invites proposals for not fewer than 24 seminars to be offered during the 2024-2025 academic year. Honors Seminars are junior/senior-level courses and may be on any subject; interdisciplinary proposals are strongly encouraged. Seminars are small, highly interactive, with a limit of 15 students, focusing on discussion, paper writing, problem-solving, or group projects. The Honors Advisory Board (faculty/student) will rank proposals in January and the Director will contact successful applicants and their department chairs to discuss schedules. 

Proposals should not exceed two double-spaced pages but may include in addition, sample syllabi, bibliographies, or other attachments. Instructors who have taught in Honors previously must include class evaluations for those classes or a representative sample. Faculty who have not previously taught an Honors class should include evaluations for similar classes, e.g., small, discussion-oriented or problem-solving classes. Please consider including a statement of your personal pedagogical philosophy on creating an inclusive classroom environment. 

WHERE: Send proposals in electronic form only to 
WHEN: Proposals are due no later than 5 pm on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. 

Want to see what Honors Seminars are like? 

2023-24: Current Honors Seminars

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PLEASE NOTE: An Honors Seminar is an excellent way to try out a new class and to teach a group of highly motivated students. Many Honors Seminars are born from the ideas of faculty (TT and NTT) who have always wanted to teach an experimental class, sometimes in the faculty member’s department, and sometimes in another, allied area, but the opportunity has not been available. In some instances, Honors Seminars become part of the faculty member’s suite of permanent course offerings. Faculty are limited to one seminar proposal per year, and no seminar will be taught in consecutive years, though a faculty member may teach different seminars in consecutive years. 

QUESTIONS? E-mail or phone the Director at or (360) 650-3446.