Budget Office requests feedback on recommendations to President Randhawa

The Budget Office seeks feedback on the recommendations to the President, from the Vice Presidents and Deans for 1) operating budget Decision Packages to be sent to Olympia for the 2019-2021 Biennial Budget and 2) the fiscal year 2019 emergent budget for Western Washington University. The recommendations can be found toward the bottom of the Budget Office home page under the News & Updates header.  All feedback will be considered as the recommendations continue to be developed.  Please provide feedback using one of the follow avenues: 


  • Provide feedback to your representative on the University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC) for inclusion in the discussion at the May 9th meeting. 
  • The Budget Forum is open through May 18th and will be monitored to receive feedback and answer any questions. The forum requires you to login using your Western universal password.  Links to each Decision Package and Emergent proposal to be considered are available in the forum.  Please contact staff in the Budget Office if you have any questions or difficulty accessing the Budget Forum.