AUAP consortium visits campus this week

The Asia University America Program at Western Washington University is holding the annual Asia University America Program Consortium Meeting, which includes delegates Asia University in Japan, Central Washington University and Eastern Washington University, this week on campus.

WWU Provost Brent Carbajal officially welcomed the AUAP Consortium participants at a campus reception held on Monday, July 28, in the Academic West Skybridge.

The AUAP Consortium has been in place since 1988, when Western, Central and Eastern signed agreements with Asia University to create the program.

The original idea for AUAP was to develop a large-scale study abroad program that would broaden the international perspectives, knowledge and skills of Asia University students while contributing to the cultural diversity and internationalization of the three Washington universities.

AUAP students come to the states from Japan for five-month cycles. The 51st such cycle was just completed. The Asia University students get a high quality English language, cultural orientation and study abroad program while at the same time offering American students expanded opportunities for language and cultural interaction, exchange and involvement.

More than 3,500 Asia University students have participated in the WWU AUAP, with similar numbers participating in the programs at CWU and EWU. The consortium has offered one of the most successful large-scale, long-term study abroad programs in the United States.

The delegates who will be attending the three-day consortium meeting:

From Asia University:

  • Hidemasa Ozeki - Executive Director, International Affairs
  • Mikio Egawa – Dean, International Relations Faculty
  • Reiko Chiba - Director, CELE
  • Jeff Hull - Vice-Director, CELE
  • Shuji Nishikawa - Vice Director, International Affairs
  • Koichi Terao - AUAP Coordinator
  • Chika Ichikawa - AUAP Coordinator
  • Casey Novotny - AUAP Coordinator

From Eastern Washington University:

  • Edmund Yarwood, Executive Director
  • Kristina Guilfoyle, Program Director
  • Megan Mulvany, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Michael Reid, Student Services Coordinator

Central Washington University:

  • Nicki Kukar, Program Director
  • Andrew Cottonwood, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Mark Werdin, Student Services Coordinator

Western Washington University:

  • Dean Hagin, Program Director
  • Kris Moore, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Alisa Sweet, Student Services Coordinator
  • Robbie Oyama, Student Services Assistant