ATUS working to fix morning Internet slowdowns

During the past three weeks, Academic Technology and User Services at Western Washington University has seen occasional restriction on traffic inbound to university webpages and outbound to off-campus webpages. This unusual behavior on the university's web border firewall has been occurring most often in the mornings. It does not affect other servers on campus. University administrative applications, which have in place multiple levels of security, are not being affected. Email access is normal.

ATUS is actively monitoring the situation and working with Western's firewall vendor, Cisco, in analyzing the situation. ATUS also is performing internal testing. This testing can occur during the morning hours prior to 7 a.m. After testing, traffic will be restored by 7 a.m.

No action from the campus community is needed other than patience as ATUS works to resolve the issue. Should you have difficulty, please call the Help Desk 360-650-3333 during work hours. Off-hours issues should be reported to Public Safety at 360-650-3555, who will notify ATUS.