Abstract of May 6, 2013, Faculty Senate meeting

Karen Stout, Faculty Senate president, called senators to order at 4:04 p.m. Senators accepted Senate minutes of April 22, 2013, and standing committee minutes. The minutes of the April 16 Academic Coordinating Commission were approved in two separate votes.


President Stout:

  • Senators are invited to participate in the Executive Council next year; an Orientation for new Senators will take place on May 20 at 3 pm in OM340 prior to the Senate meeting at 4 pm
  • Faculty are encouraged to attend the Faculty Awards Ceremony in Western Galleries on Thursday, May 9 from 4 to 6 pm
  • Feedback is encouraged regarding a policy that is up for 30-day review regarding Extended Education (http://www.wwu.edu/policies/30dayreview.shtml ). Feedback can be emailed to Policies@wwu.edu; 4) modifications to the Academic Honesty Policy are being made as a result of feedback from the ACC.

WWU President Bruce Shepard:

  • Supports academic freedom for faculty and suggests creating space for those who challenge our thinking; faculty do not need approval to speak out about controversial issues
  • Suggested that faculty decision-making in the area of curriculum and the choice of colleagues to teach it builds and maintains a strong university
  • Expressed concern about the finalization of a budget which could be hampered by the special session until late June
  • No decisions have been made about the land, location, or funding for the waterfront project although planning is continuing
  • Proposed that a faculty forum reexamine the role of the liberal arts and sciences at the heart of the university’s core.

WWU Provost Catherine Riordan plans to distribute a chart about healthcare benefits relevant to a recent Senate presentation by the UFWW President regarding the overall proportion of the operating budget devoted to faculty salaries.

Dan Boxberger, faculty legislative representative:

  • Movement from Olympia is not expected before Memorial Day
  • The Council of Faculty Representatives will meet all day on Monday to plan an interim strategy.

Steve Garfinkle, United Faculty of Western Washington president

  • Seeks faculty support for and plans to work with the newly elected officers of UFWW (see slate on UFWW website at http://www.ufww.org/ )
  • Non-tenure track faculty engaged in service activities must be compensated for that work. Including blanket clauses in all NTT contracts about service violates the spirit of the contract, as it increases workload without compensation.

Victor Celis, Associated Students vice president for academics:

  • Plans to introduce Josie Ellison, the new ASVP–Academic Affairs at the next Senate meeting; initiatives and AS winners can be read at http://as.wwu.edu/elections/2013-results/

The AS approved a 3-year grant of $9000 to the Center for International Studies.

PRESENTATION: Front Door to Discovery - Steve Swan, Vice President for University Relations, and Brian Burton, Dean, College of Business & Economics, presented a proposal designed to stimulate community and economic development, which could enhance the internal spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation at Western by connecting faculty and students to local needs. Senators asked how the program would work, limitations on commercializing various aspects of the university, and the relationship to the primary academic mission of the institution.

Response to Questions on CISS Program – David Bover, Associate Dean, CST, and Perry Fizzano, Computer Science. Senators discussed funding of the CISS program, which is designed to give students who complete a related 2-year program at WCC a path to a BS degree in computer security, an area of strong national need and employment opportunity. Senators voted to approve the CISS program described in the ACC minutes of 4/16/2013 (by hand count, 15 in favor, 5 opposed) and then in a second vote approved the ACC minutes as a whole.

Senators adjourned at 6:06 pm.

APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, Officer

FYI to “Other University Committees”:
Ken Rines to Central Health & Safety (2013-15)
M.J. Mosher to Counseling Health & Wellness Services (2013-15)
Garth Amundson to LGBT Advocacy Council (2013-15)
Shannon Dubenion-Smith to Parking Appeals Board (2013-15)
Remaining Vacancies on the Senate, ACC and Other Committees:
(scroll down)
1 faculty member representing Area B for the 2013-2015 Senate
1 At-Large faculty to serve on ACC through 2014 (1 year replacement term)
2 At-Large faculty (teaching GURs) for Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) (2-year terms)
Vacancies – Other University Committees:
Scholastic Standing Committee (subcommittee of RASC)
1 for 2-yr term (2015), and 1 for 1-year term (2014). Please indicate for which you are volunteering.
LGBT Advocacy Council - 2
Faculty Development Grants Committee -1
Academic Honesty Board -1
Judicial Appeals Board - 3
Student Academic Grievance Board -2
Disability Advisory Committee -2
Banner Initiatives Steering Committee (BFA) - 1
Parking Appeals Board -1
Executive Dining Committee -1
Campus Dining Committee -1
Cold Beverage Contract – 1
AS Green Energy Fee Committee - 3
Student Publications Council (thru Spring 2014 and thru Fall 2014)

Thanks to all those who have already volunteered. Please email the Senate Office at RoseMarie.Norton@wwu.edu if you are available to serve.